Rethinking casting
Effee nyttesirkel

Our Mission

is to contribute to a more economically and environmentally sustainable casting business.

Boost your capacity with induction feeding

Allows larger or more cast components per batch. Tests have shown increased capacity by up to 70%.

Effee boost
Data from actual production of a cast component.

Main benefits of induction feeding

  • Up to 96% smaller feeders
  • Larger or more castings possible without increasing melting capacity
  • 20 - 40% power savings per casting 
  • Shorter time before shake-out
  • Less cutting and grinding
  • Full control over feeder temperature 
  • Less consumables needed
  • Less material needed in stock
Display glove

Easy to use, easy to mold!

Available with remote monitoring and control.

Effee Technology ensures that the metal in the feeder is kept warm and fluid

Induction feeding lets more material flow into your components and less into your feeders. Larger components opens for new market possibilities. Higher material yield let you cast more components with existing melting capacity. We can provide machines prepared for single feeder castings as well as upscaled versions suitable for more feeders.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about induction feeding and how this technology can save cost and increase production capacity in your foundry. 

An induction feeding machine is available for demonstration purposes, and we'll gladly let you use for a real life test at your foundry. It is already booked for several foundries, so be quick to ask for a quotation if you want to be the next in line!